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New idea? what to do?

  1. May 2, 2005 #1
    In following up one of my idiot ideas that usually turnout to be absolotley stupid, I may have discovered, or rediscovered, an actuall result that I think might be worth publishing in arxiv. Since im only a undergraduate student Im wondering what I should do. Should I talk to a doctor at my school about my idea or should I pursue it myself, wright an article and try to get it published?

    Actually im pretty sure that this hasnt been published yet since it has to do with my graduation-exam, where Ive been reading the latest articles about the subject. If I have found something, I dont want someone else to take credit for it or publish it and only mention me etc. If I could get it published myself it could do good things for my future.
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    Write it up.
    It'll help clarify what you have found... and maybe lead to more.
    You should find someone you trust to critique it.
    Do a literature search.

    my $0.02
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