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New Information Theory.

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    I present Knit - The new (knowledgeable) http://ca.geocities.com/na2boodie01/KNIT/qkpt.html" [Broken].

    My rules of engagement are for comments and debatable points that reference the material directly or has an impact on the content of the material, otherwise extraneous comments will be interpreted as an attempt to derail serious efforts, since this is important to philosophy.

    The emperical derivation of this information theory allows it to consist of signals. perception, data, information, knowledge, intelligence and creativity as that making consciousness valuable.

    Some surprising results of this theory shows intelligence to be methods in the brain not unlike the phenomeno;ogical action base that uses gravity, magnetism, heat, and electric charge to produce action effectively locking determinism into cause and effects.

    Some new terms are introduced making it easier to express and name certain difficult patterns. Phenomenological action base, analytical action base, knowledge-in-itself(automaton), and web of beliefs (adopted from Quine) are a few examples where clarification was necessary and coallation under a secure name revealed itself as being necessary.

    The reason why justification is such a loaded word in naming knowledge as a justified true belief, is addressed along with the human expression of IQ.

    A few elements are missing from the presentation. The formal proof of the twenty-seven propositions, some of which are repeated, is missing, along with the AI addendum.

    Please be fair.
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