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New interest

  1. May 27, 2005 #1
    Hello, I have been asking questions here for some time. And I need somewhat of an advice.

    Right now I am working on a graduate degree in structural linguistics, When I got to this university for grad.degree, I felt like I was lacking something since my undergrad school was small and circumstances were such that I could not transfer. So at this university, out of interest, I took couple of advanced programming classes from computer engineering department and enjoyed it (I have undergrad minor in InfoSystems).
    On top of my ling. coursework, I took all remaining Calculus, statistics, linear algebra and got even more confidence when I got "A" in proverbial "weed-out" Linear circuits course, although so far my cumulative GPA in engineering/math is not perfect (3.7), the university is ABET-accredited, ranks high in the enigeering in US and is known predominantly for engineering.

    After frowning, my adviser allowed me (at my own risk) getting an equivalent of BSCmpE in addition to the "normal" course of events for a graduate student in my program, so I planned out the rest of the required BSCmpE coursework so that it would end at the time my current funding will end. I can't go AWOL from my linguistics program, since that's where my funding comes from, and tuition is quite high here, but engineering has become a real interest of mine.

    I also would love to go for a graduate degree in CmpE or software engineering later on. Do I have chance with this kind of background, in your opinion? How will I be looked upon? Is experience (like internships or projects) taken into account? I have hard time getting those in the industry (low-level positions) since I am an international student. I imagine engineering projects within university bounds is a good thing (something like natural language processing would be perfect), but how would professors look at me, graduate student and now in undergraduate engineering: "freak who does not know what he is doing"?

    Am I out of my mind with all of this? :confused:
    Any advice/opinion is very much appreciated.
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