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New interpretation of gravitational constant

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    Endless attempts to find logical link between weak forces of a long-range interaction and strong forces of a short-range interaction, to explain a nature of gravitational and electromagnetic fields, to understand what is the space, vacuum, time, infinity and zero reduce us to various improbable suppositions and ideas.
    On the other hand, there is a doubt in an immaculacy of the officially adopted theories, which cannot give a comprehensive explanation for all these actual problems.
    I participate in forums long enough, therefore for me the opinion about it was formed, that the great theorists XIX and XX of centuries had made for us the path, which inevitably reduces everyone entering on it to fathomless pit of fallacies.
    I invite once again to walk along this path and to look under legs very closely to find a place, where the path has turned to the pit. See "dipole of speed.pdf".
    http://www.sinor.ru/~polytron/dipole of speed.pdf [Broken]
    At the end of this paper I offer mathematical model of gravitation on the basis of the following experimental facts:
    1) The part of the universe, observed by us, almost completely consists of hydrogen and helium (H~80%, He~20%, to the share of remaining elements of Mendeleyev's Table fall approximately 1% of mass of the universe).
    2) Dielectric (and magnetic) constant of dense bodies (solids, liquids and cold gases) differs from the dielectric constant of vacuum.
    3) The relict radiation of the universe (Cosmic Background Radiation) corresponds to energy jump between two main quantum numbers n=117 and n=118 in the Balmer-Rydberg's formula for the spectrum of hydrogen.
    4) Photons are spread rectilinearly and have no the rest mass.
    5) Atoms have a rest mass and can magnify and diminish it at the expense of absorption and emission of photons.

    The result of this modeling is:
    The Value of gravitational constant is determined by percentage of hydrogen and helium in the universe.
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