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New Jupiter Phenomenon

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    Has anyone else heard about this?

    http://science.nasa.gov/headlines/y2003/12mar_darkspot.htm?list827141 [Broken]
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    That's pretty cool. So is the Big Red Spot (or whatever) and the Dark Spot the samething or what? Also, could it be an illusion? The article mentioned an aurora effect could have caused the phenomenon, like the earth's northern lights.
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    Cue 2001 A Space Odyssee moment....

    No. from article:
    Now, the GDS is considered to be an effect of the solar wind, similar to the aurora on earth. On jupiter, it causes reactions producing hydrocarbons that float in the atmosphere. Hence, it is visible in UV as hydrocarbons absorb UV light...
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    I couldn't help noticing another cloud formation of even greater size that appears to be centered directly over the poll itself. During the animation, it changes color slightly but it's outline remains easily discernible. Since it is not mentioned in the article, I assume that it is nothing of great significance. Possibly an effect caused by the ultraviolet camera on the Cassini probe. Does anyone know?
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    Maybe it was a part of the aurora (or the aurora itself?)?
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    I know Velichovsky's theory's are not so accepted amongst people who think they know everything already... but... Velichovsky did mention, in passing, that the red spot on Jupiter could well be where Venus was ejected (or extracted) from the superplanet.

    This fits his catastrophic model of the birth of certain planets in this solar system. He is an anti-uniformist with regard to the topic.

    The dark spot is cool too. It could be a side effect to giving birth to a planet... which may have happened as recently as 3600 years ago according to records sited by Velichovsky.

    Carl Sagan would be a bit upset about me mentioning this.
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    Yea, that's probably it. The point where the magnetic field turns perpendicular to the atmosphere (or maybe the camera) as seen in UV.
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