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New kind of award ?

  1. Sep 10, 2004 #1
    New kind of... "award" ?

    If somebody is strongly suspected by a reliable person or even one of the moderators to use this great site for immoral purposes, such as propagating racist ideas in the form of (pseudo-)scientific work, should not the moderators discuss to award him/her with "please read this post with caution" or something like that (maybe more explicit) ?

    I am not making any reference here. Just a suggestion...
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    I should get the 60+ posts in 2 days award. :smile:
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    But would that really be an award ??? :uhh:

    marlon :cool:
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    If your posts involved the betterment of the physicsforums community in some way, I would agree; yet all you do is attack mentors like Chroot, and I see that as nothing to be proud of.
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    It's amazing how some people cherish quantity over quality.

    Hmm...on the topic of "other" medals, maybe we should give out a crackpot medal. Some might like to wear it as a badge of honor, but at least we'd see them coming! :rofl: It might also help those without medals feel better about their status :smile:

    Afterall, there are plenty of people around who may not be "experts" (as if such a thing really exists), but who do have the good sense to know their limits and who have great potential of becoming an expert someday. With or without a medal, these steadfast posters who contribute lots of questions and limit their answers to what they do know (or venture an ocassional educated guess pre-empted with the warning it is a guess) are perhaps the most valuable in a forum setting. Really, noone should think they aren't appreciated just because they didn't get a medal.
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    jimmy p

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    I should get the "Quality gambling service paradigm award for moneymaking and teamwork excellence" (count the buzzwords!) I made the shop £5,500 today.
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    I would rather never have the "expert" medal, even though I hope becoming physicist. That would require me much more attention in my posts :wink: :biggrin:

    That is a terrible acknowledgement I just did :redface: :redface: :shy:
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    I get you Humanino

    :tongue2: :tongue2: :tongue2:
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