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New kind of space probes

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    Hi, my name is Giancarlo from Turin, Italy.
    I am 30, and I am an Aerospace engineer. I am working on a my own project for a new kind of space probe. Some years ago, while I was surfing in the web, I’ve found something about future of space exploration. I’ve read about solar sails, inflatable spacecraft and ion propulsion. I was fascinated for all of those projects, so I decided to start to develop a brand new kind of Space probe, destined to explore the giant planet atmosphere. The ideas were based on a very simple kind of probe: no engines or power transmission, a mechanical system to recharge the on-board batteries, and a very light structure for flight. I think that this is the goal: get more with less (as we use to say in my country)…
    I would like to know if there is something similar that is developing (or has been developed) somewhere in the world, because I still haven’t found nothing like that on the web. I’m using the web, because it’s my only way to get infos and datas, except for some technical book taken from my college’s library. Knowing what’s the future for the others, will help me to know the mine. Can you help me?
    Thank you all.

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    Ok, I think your silence means:"please, rookies go away" or something...
    I try to redo the question in another way: what do you think about a paraglider-like airship for gas planets exploration?
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