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New light on dark energy

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    The latest findings, supposedly, refute the string theory approach, whereby the Dark Energy portion of the Universe is dynamical... or we don't have all the pieces in the puzzle yet?
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    what could be finer than a vanilla Lambda!
    made my day


    BTW Tegmark is the guy who wrote that Scientific American article
    on "Multiverses" that so many people at PF were discussing
    he is at Penn State if I remember right

    here's the key Tegmark quote, as i see it:

    "I'm struck by the fact that the dark energy seems so 'vanilla'," Tegmark told PhysicsWeb. "Theorists have invented scores of elegant models where it increases or decreases its density over time, yet even with this new improved measurement, it remains perfectly consistent with Einstein's Lambda model where its density is a mere constant."
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