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New Math

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    Hi, I'm seeking information on a branch of mathematics. A few years back one of the education channels had a documentary in which scientists/mathematicians in Costa Rica were able to predetermine how a jungle was laid out by analyzing how the branches of an individual tree were laid out. Anyone out there know what this new math is called?
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    Do you have any additional info? Like , what do you mean by "how the jungle was laid out"? What type of analysis/measurement of the trees were made?
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    I wish I could give you more info, but I saw the episode perhaps 5 years ago. I related the story to my son's friend who is a whiz and he said oh yeah, that's such and such...ie he knew about it. The best I can recollect is that by looking at the tree branches they could mathematically predict where other trees would grow. Sorry, wish I had more for you.
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    Welcome to the PF.

    Could the topic have involved the keyword "Fractal"? Are you familiar with fractals? :smile:
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    That would be my guess, as well.
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    Thanks for you replies...I'm pretty sure that's it and I did google the Costa Rica jungle thing. Results showed that the study of the tree revealed that the scientists could predict how much CO2 the forest can absorb. It was on NOVA.
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