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New member and excited!

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    Hello! I just seen this forum by browsing through the internet about mechanical engineering! I'm currently going to a community college and plan on transferring to UF for aerospace/mechanical engineering program! I'm 23 and have a beautiful daughter named Kyoko! I have nothing but motivation and passion for science. I really believe science is very important and it moves humanity forward! I love to read books about anything from space, to atoms to spiritual books! I believe we are all spiritual creatures and owe our very existence to these massive stars who go through constant explosions in seconds. Anyways! I work full time as well and take care of my daughter (single father) and usually take about 2-3 classes a semester! I hope I meet some amazing people on here who are just as passionate about science as I am! Can't wait to learn some new things and have amazing discussions with ya'll!
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    Welcome to PF!
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    Thanks for the welcome. I'm looking forward to browsing the forum and learning,
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