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New member Bio broncoapache

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    62-year-old man. Retired 12/2014 as enlisted military after 40+ years of service in Army, Air Force, and Army & Air National Guard. 4 wars/combat zones. My career ranged from carrying a rifle in Vietnam to Tank Crewman, to Military Police, finally spending last 12 years as the Environmental Manager at an Air Force Base. 90% disabled veteran. Married to same woman for 42 years, 2 adult children, 5 grandchildren. Studying Math, Science, and Physics as recreation and also in pursuit of a BS in Environmental Science. Taking Physics 151 next semester.

    Hobbies: Training and working herding dogs. Woodworking, Tenkara Fly Fishing, and:

    History; especially military history, with focus on the experience of minorities in the American Armed Forces and their unit heraldry. Black Americans like: 1st Rhode Island Regiment, 54th Massachusetts Infantry, 9th and 10th Cavalry, 24th and 25th Infantry - Buffalo Soldiers, 92nd Infantry, 332nd Fighter Group - The Tuskegee Airman, 442nd Regimental Combat Team (Japanese Americans). The Apache Scouts of Fort Huachuca - (Amerind), - all fought for their freedom and the rights of all Americans despite being treated extremely unfairly by the same society they shed their blood to protect. Every time America needed them, and in light of the injustice they suffered, they responded with noble, soldierly, sacrifice, service, and virtue... and got kicked in the teeth for their efforts but they earned their place with every drop of blood. Hope to write a book someday.

    Looking forward to benefiting from the awesome physics, math, and science resources that exist on this forum.
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    Welcome to PF! Thank you for your service!
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    Welcome to the PF from an Army brat (dad was career Army, and we moved around with him a lot, but obviously not to his two wars). Your record is impressive on many levels. Thank you for your service. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions about the PF, sir. :smile:
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