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New member doing some research

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    Excuse i kinda broke the rule of introducing myself before, making questions....sorry
    I was too excited and didint even read the msg on my inbox, so, hi there
    My name is Gabriel, but i usually refer to myself as axel on the interweebs, i'm usually driven but my desire to find answers and just knowlage over all, i'm from brazil so my english is not perfect, physics has always been my favorite subject and the one i'm best at, i kinda feel weird because i dont know if i can use abreviations like "idk" or if i can use faces like ":3", but i hope i can get as many answers from you as i can give you guys, i'm on early...high school...ish? as i live in brazil idk how the american system work, thank you guys, hope i dont breake another rule acidentally..sorry.
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    Welcome to PF Gabriel!
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