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New Member: Don Lively

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    Hello. My name is Donald Lively. I am 67 years old, retired USNavy (combat veteran, Vietnam, "brown shoe navy,"). I enlisted in the Navy before I could get drafted just after graduating from undergrad school. I studied biophysics in college but went no further in those studies after graduating. Subsequent graduate work is not in the sciences.
    I live in the MidAtlantic area of the USA.
    I have been a student of mathematics, physical and biological sciences since I started to read.
    To day, i continue my studies in various sciences, from a universalist / integrationist / "renaissance man" approach, therefore, based on my statement above, I am not professional scientist nor a cadre member within any science vocation.
    My main physical science interests - very generally - are astrophysics and astronomy, cosmology (though some people do not consider that "science"), particle physics, and a few others.
    I am glad - at least for this newby moment - to be here.
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    Welcome to PF Don! Thanks for your service!
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