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    Hi all, my real name is Wayne! I got on this forum because I really enjoy reading and watching material that mostly deals with quantum physics. It's just crazy interesting! I work in the healthcare industry as a field service engineer (just a title, I am not a real engineer) for radiology equipment. I repair x-ray systems, MRI, Nuclear Medicine, PET, and ultrasound systems. My favorite part of this job is learning about the theory behind the equipment, and I like to think I am fairly knowledgeable in these fields but certainly not an expert by any means. I am in my late 20's and am constantly reminded that I really should have chosen to get an advanced degree in physics. I have an Associates in Applied Sciences from Thomas Edison State (Online School). It is accredited but I understand the general bias pertaining to online schooling. I am a SGT in the Army Reserves and my MOS is Biomedical Equipment Specialist 68A. Those are pretty much the most interesting things about me. I look forward to reading and learning from this community!
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    Hi EBPoncho. smiley_sign_welcome.gif

    as regards the photo .... thumbsup.gif
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