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New member from South Africa!

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    Greetings from South Africa! My name is Shaun and I'm a first year electronic engineering student planning on going into the field of Biomedical Engineering when i graduate. Quick background: first got into science when i took chemistry and physics in high school and it was one of the best decision i have ever made. More recently i watched a concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London where Stephen Hawking introduced the show and Kipp Thorne and Brian Cox gave a pre-show talk - that really sparked something inside of me and i decided to change paths from music to engineering. Anyhow, very much looking forward to making use of this forum in the future, from what i've seen members on here are helpful so long as you've shown some attempt and initiative (rightly so!) - unlike some stack exchange forums i have used in the past. :)

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    Welcome to PF!
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