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New member. Hello to the Physics community!

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    Hi everybody! I' m Stavros, Physics professional, with M.A. in Physics and Ph.D in Physics&Philosophy [1997], University of Rochester, Rochester, NY. My main expertise is Relativity and other interests Quantum theory, Field theories, Particle Physics, Cosmology and more ... , both at the Physics as well as the Philosophical level (within and beyond Analytical Philosophy). Also I have strong interest in Math and, recently, in Technologies and Computer & Information Science. Furtermore, I' m also interested in some aspects of the Medical and Biological sciences, as well as human Nuitrition. I love music, movies, ice-skating, and swimming; also Amateur Astronomy.
    I have read the guidelines and rules of Physics Forums and, having agreed, I' m glad to be here!
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    Welcome to PF Stavros!
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    Thank you! I' m glad to be here.
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    Congratulations for your excellent, creative and productive forum !
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