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New member here. Hello to PF.

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    My name is Daniel. I am undergraduate student interested in classical physics and general relativity. I am Internet punk too and am educated enough to conduct moderate level ethical cyber hacking.
    The greatest fan of Tony stark character and his inventions. Dedicated my PF account to physics and Tony.
    Hello to the society.
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    Greetings Daniel (Tony Stark). Welcome to Physics Forums. :smile:
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    Thanks Brog.
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    Brog? Who's that? o_O

    I was just wondering the other day if someone had taken your login name.
    BTW, here's the theme that I use on Firefox.

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    Cool, Borg.:oldbiggrin::oldbiggrin:
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    Tony Stark is the man. Welcome
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    Hello, starfox. Seam to be great fan of real Tony Stark:smile::smile:
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