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Aerospace New Member Here, Would GREATLY Appreciate some Answers/Information!

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    I just happened upon this forum, and I have to say it seems pretty amazing all the topics it covers, from homework help to specific forums for engineering and math, I wish I had found it sooner! I already know this will become a useful resource for me.

    Unfortunately, I already must ask for the help and time of any forum members willing to offer it.

    I must conduct a short "interview" for a class assignment of someone within the field of my chosen career, aerospace engineering. They are simple questions about what you like the most about this career, what a typical day on the job is, etc.

    Because of the short deadline, June 20th, and the rarity of meeting or networking with any aerospace engineers in my area personally, this seems to be my best option.

    If anyone within this field can spare just a couple of minutes to answer questions about this career, I would greatly appreciate it. A short list of the questions would be messaged to you, and a message back with replies at your convenience is all that would be necessary. The number of questions, depending on the length of the answers, will be less then 10.

    If no one can or wants to, I completely understand, and would like to thank everyone in advance for taking the time to read this post anyway.

    Thank You!

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    Sorry, we don't allow interviews here anymore.
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