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    Hello everyone! My name is Noah and I am new to the forum, but not new to Physics. My favorite kind of physics are Quantum and Particle, so I will be posting theories that I develop on here because I love second opinions! For a 15 year old, I am very knowledgeable in this area. So do not take my age for a lack of knowledge. Thanks, and maybe we will be in a discussion together.
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    Welcome to the PF, Noah.

    Please re-read the PF Rules that you agreed to when you joined here (see INFO at the top of the page). We do not allow posting of personal theories or speculation, and we do not allow theory development here. That is not what the PF is for.

    We are a mainstream scientific website. We discuss the science published in approved, refereed scientific journals and mainstream textbooks. We also have the Homework Help forums, where you can get tutorial help with your schoolwork if you show lots of effort on your own to try to solve the problems.

    The PF is a great place, but it's not a place where new theories are proposed or developed. :smile:
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