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New Member. (Hopeful Future Botanist)

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    I enjoy learning anything and everything that lights my curiosity. I tend to learn faster and retain information much better than most people. Though when it comes to things that don't interest me, my mind struggles to give it any thought. I know loads of random facts, from the skeletal movements of a field mouse jumping to the chemical reaction in a rocket booster igniting.

    The thing that interest me most are the down and dirty genetics behind the study of Botany, I enjoy grafting plants in my free time (arctic species are my favorite).

    Biggest Strength: Critical Thinking and Learning Ability.
    Biggest Weakness: Grammar and Learning things that don't interest me.
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    Welcome to the PF :smile:
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    That is a cool set of interests and skills. Hope to see you posting around here. Too few botanists in the world, in my admittedly uninformed opinion...

    -Dave K
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