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New member introduction - Physics and Mystic?

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    Hi everyone,
    I am an old Chinaman living in Australia. Currently still working full time as Senior Project Manager in a power utility company, but plan to retire soon to be able to spend more time doing my interest/hobby in trying to find out how the Cosmos work.

    I was born in the East and grew up in an environment where Mystics and Magics are abound. After my high school I went to Germany to study engineering hoping to find out how Magic or supra natural phenomena works in scientific terms.

    Unfortunately Western Science could not give me the answer. To further my search I tried to learn many kind of spiritual traditions and teachings including Theosphy as well as modern physics especially Relativity theory and Quantum Mechanics.

    In 1992 I presented a paper at The Fifth International Conference on Thinking entitled "The Ultimate Unification Theory". Firstly it reconciled the Relativity and Quantum (the EPR Paradox) through the Gamma factor and then combined the unified science with Mysticism. It is not a Physics or Science theory, but just a way of thinking on how we understand our reality.

    It is my intention to discuss the topics with real physicists in this forum.

    Thank you
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    Hi Old Chinaman. smiley_sign_welcome.gif

    I would point out that Physics Forums is dedicated exclusively to education in mainstream physics & science. Although unconventional and personal theories abound, their discussion belongs in other forums. If it is not found in contemporary university textbooks, it is not appropriate for the science forums here at Physics Forums.
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    Thank you for reminding me of the rule.
    I will limit our discussions to academic physics only.
    What I need to get clarified by academic physics is the applicability of Gamma factor in the EPR Paradox.
    I will put a separate post / thread for it.
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    Hello and happy Chinese news year of the horse, Old Chinaman!

    I lived in Kaohsiung Taiwan for a few years and have my very own official chinese name.. It was for income tax purposes.. It sounds like Sue-Lee-Wan. My lat name is Sullivan so its a real good translation..People used to say, "What a nice Chinese name you have"!

    Anyway are you from Taiwan by any chance?

    Welcome to PF!

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    Hello Sue-Lee-Wan,
    Thanks for the welcoming post!
    I am not from Taiwan, nor from mainland China. I am one of those 'overseas Chinese', who doesn't even speak Chinese.
    My chinese ancestor came to Bali in the 17th century. Quite a while ago.
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