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    Hi PF! I'm Zephyr007 and I am 14 years old. I love to study Science since it has a lot of things to explore. I also love to test new experiments and debate in a specific topic. The area in Science that I love to talk about is Physics. I hope I could help you in contributing what I know and have fun learning.
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    Welcome to PF, Zephyr. :smile:
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    Thanks, Borg :)
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    Greetings everyone my name is melissa and i study advance biology, physics and chemistry.
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    Hellou everyone!! Myself Iman. I am a mechanical engineer. I love physics as it has always fascinated me...even in my dreams. I have a deep crave for learning and jumping into the realm of unknown. I hope to share my queries and help in whatever way possible
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    My name is Mike. I am an HVAC Contractor and Instuctor. You begin with the Science Theory, where Engineering is Applied Science, we in our Industry, Apply the Engineering

    Make no mistake we use Dalton, and Boyle and Heat transfer and all that Stuff to give you heat and air conditioning and refrigeration. Stumbled into your site. Might be interesting. I noticed someone wanted to know what a Constant Volume unit was when I first got here

    Best, Mike
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