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    Hello everyone. I am an old man, science-type, with a slightly different way of investigation. I am a deep thinker, but I have problems with quantum theory, and am happily stuck in the relativistic/classical world. I have noticed that all quantum theorists give an account of how precise it is, and how much it has accomplished, but if you ask them what it really is, they cannot tell you without reference to at least four completely different interpretations. That mantra makes it seem a lot like a religion to me. I am irreverend, I guess. Anyway, I have a different way to look at the world, and don't believe in quantum theory as it is. I understand that I do not get to dictate how the world is, but my beef is with we scientists. Quantum physics has the responsibility to logically convince us, and not just mathematically, how the world is quantum mechanical, if it is. Other than all that, I am just here to learn and absorb.
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    Physics is not philosophy. Physics does not care "how the world really is" (whatever that means). Physics predicts experimental results, and there the precision is the key point. There is no alternative to quantum physics that comes even close to agreement with experiments.
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    Your position seems to be that you aren't willing to actually learn QM yourself (and I mean really learn it - well enough to calculate with it) and somehow your misunderstandings and confusion is the fault of the scientists who did learn it.
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