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New member introduction

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    I'm a brand-new member and frequent lurker.
    If it weren't for tuition money I'd be a physicist today. Instead, I try to read all I can and write about space in my free time. Hope I can be helpful and give a little back to a community that has already answered many of my questions (via Google search results of your excellent Q&A archives).
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    Welcome to PF!

    What have you written so far? Has it been published?

    One cautionary note:

    Please take some time to read our guidelines and rules (see INFO tab top right of this web page) as we don't discuss personal theories or speculative science of any kind. We focus on mainstream science and math and strive to help others interested in these topic to understand them better.

    Welcome to PF!
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    I write a blog, phobosorbust.blogspot.com, on the subject of human colonization of space. I try to focus on specific problems and how they might be solved with current or near-term technology, as well as comment on current events in the industry. Nothing speculative or fringe, that would defeat the purpose. I'm not a professional, so my posts generally come with disclaimers and references to sources.
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    So how plausible do you think colonization of Mars or the moon would be in 100 years?
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    That depends entirely on the supply of cash. There are no unsolvable problems between here and there.

    Can NASA colonize Mars in 100 years? Highly unlikely without significant changes to our civilization. Still, there are interesting problems whose investigation can benefit life on Earth.
    I feel it is a goal worth pursuing so long as we choose a path that eases Earth's environmental problems in the process, particularly developing concrete and plastic manufacturing processes that do not rely on petroleum. Improvements in cost and yield of artificially lit hydroponics could some day provide a second green revolution, while comprehensive recycling could significantly reduce the demand for new mined raw materials. Application of solar thermal technology to industrial processes can save money and reduce pollution.
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