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New member introduction.

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    Hello everyone. My name is Tom, I'm an enthusiastic contemplator of the beautiful and magical world of science.. Perticularly chemistry and theoretical physics. My mind is constantly caressing the deepest and most complex questions that science has to offer. Unfortunately my theories far exceed my education and thusly my ability to apply any application to my thoughts hence my joining the forum.. Im hoping to find and discuss with people who can help me make heads or tales of my musing... I made a post but was told my personal theory's are not welcome, to which I was a little suprized considering theoretical physics is exactly that, a compilation of personal theories whether or not supported through experimentation.. Hence the name "theoretical". Never the less I'll find an apropriate way to post my questions and topics that I hope are taken up by educated individuals that share my passion for the complex and unknown and can educate me so that I may expand my knoledge and ability to comprehend the universe! Thanks for reading!
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    You can read about why our policy on personal theorles is the way it is, here:

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    Not true.
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