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New member introduction

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    Hello. I am an impassionate student who has just passed my 10th grade. And i have great ideas and revolutionary theories which will transform the base of phyics and naturally, astrophysics, theoretical physics and cosmology. I am sure it would be of great help and would contribute in major reseaches and projects
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    Welcome to PF Ali!
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    So can other members see my post on the new members forum, though i subjects are similar to many other.
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    Welcome to PF! With respect, I would caution you that at grade 10 you can't possibly even know what the current state of existing scientific theory is and would be wiser to accept that you should spend the next few years (decade) learning it before trying to create your own theories. But you are in luck! PF is exactly the type of place that can help you do that! (and it is not a place for anyone to develop new theories)
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