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    Hello, I joined this forum because I would like to learn more about physics. I recently withdrew from my Physics 1 course at school because I do not like the imposed deadlines or assignments and I would rather learn at my own pace, at my leisure. I am currently using The Physics Hypertextbook, Schaum's Outlines, Youtube, and the various tutoring resources available at the school I attend in order to get a better understanding of the introductory elements of physics. I'd like to pursue this as a hobby and possibly take more courses if and when the time is right. :smile:
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    Hi @J-I-M Having the interest is key - I came to physics late simply because I didn't choose to take it in early years. Don't underestimate how much more difficult it will be to self-tutor on such a huge and varying subject, but there's nothing wrong at all with choosing your own pace and learning style. Welcome.
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