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New member. Need help with basic Beam Calc

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    Hello, My name is Molly Brown and I need help with basic beam and Structural Calculations. I'm not in college I just want to do this for my own satisfaction and desire to be able to understand this. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Welcome to the PF, Molly. :smile:

    I'd suggest that you start a new thread in the Mechanical Engineering forum, and post links to the reading you've been doing about how to do the calculations. Post explicit questions about your reading, and others should be able to help you. Just make it clear that it's not for schoolwork (otherwise it would go in the Homework Help forums), and also keep in mind that we cannot help with dangerous activities. So if you are trying to design a cantilever deck for your 10th floor apartment, we probably won't be able to help... :smile:
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    Thanks for the help and reply.
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