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New Member , Northern CA , BSEE, Spearo

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    Finally decided to sign up vs just lurking on the side. Got out of School in 1985.

    Most of my experience is with Electrical Controls for Industrial OEM equipment in reference to Vacuum Deposited Thin Films.

    Since the mid 1990's been into machining and mechanical design associated with spearfishing gear. Market didn't have products I wanted for my own use, so I basically bought my own tools to make my own gear. I have 3 lathes and one is a CNC, along with lots of other machining and fabrication equipment in my tool collection.

    Any Spearo's out there? You probably know me from all of the various spearing forums. -John
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    Welcome to the forum from another EE (not that I've done any EE in decades). No spears for me and no metalworking, just woodworking. So is science a hobby with you?
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    Welcome LH!
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    Not to get too deep, but Science and Physics is Life. We see it every day as we live our lives. My Brain got tweaked many years, to look at everything from a technical perspective. ( I blame it on school and hanging out with engineers and many PhD physics types.)

    "How it works" and "how things are made" and "finally can I make it myself" is my passion. My biggest problem is I have too many ideas and not enough time to complete them all. Fellow engineering buddies from old jobs have same issue, (e.g. One build a jet engine in his garage) Why you ask, because he could...

    Woodworking, you seen some of the fancy CNC tools for Wood? I thought about buying one of these, but limited floor space.
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    I'm not "old school" of the type that eschew power tools but I've never had any desire for a CNC tool. To me that's not woodworking.
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    Welcome to the PF, Linghunt.

    Where do you like to dive in NorCal? I used to do a lot of free diving for abalone a few coves north of Jenner, and tried out spearfishing at one point with a buddy. I couldn't hit the broad side of an underwater barn! :-)
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    All depends on what your goals are. Sounds like the Pole spear hunters who look at the Speargun hunters as taking it to a level beyond. Same is said by some of the Free divers in reference to SCUBA. I look at it as we all get choices and that's the good part.

    Some of the woodworking craftsmanship in wooden spearguns out there is amazing. Lots of effort in making them.
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    Sounds like you were diving in the Fort Ross to Salt Point Areas along the Sonoma coast. I hunt from Jenner all the way up the Humboldt county. Gathering abalone, yep been there done that. I backed off on my gathering, just look for trophies at this point. Family got tired of eating it many years ago.

    Shooting takes practice, I mostly hunt with a pole spear now, but pretty good shot with poles and spear guns. Been shooting at stuff since was a small fry.

    The longer guns for use in clear Bluewater are easier to aim, but the targets are moving faster so it's a give and take.
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