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    Sorry if there's an intro section, if there is I missed it. Anyway, hi, my name is Marcus, I'm 16 and from the UK, recently chose Physics and Maths as AS-levels. Got 7A*s and 4As at GCSE, which is pretty good I guess! A* in physics, A in maths which is hopefully going up after a remark. So, is this forum American dominated, or is there a good UK community here? I'm not sure I'll carry them both onto A2, but whatever, so here's to a couple of years fun :tongue:

    I switched to physics from the "dark side", by the way. For some odd reason I had chosen a pathetic little subject called "English Literature", where people sit around reading crap and discussing things that the author didn't actually intend to do.. literally 1 lesson of that, and I had had enough
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    Hi Marcus,
    welcome to the forum ! Yes, I think one might say it is US dominated - but I have occasionally mentioned that I am from Germany, and nothing bad has happened to me yet *knock on wood* So with the special relationship between your countries you should be safe here... EDIT: Just to stay on the safe side, you should perhaps not start threads like "We should have hanged all that stinkin rebels back in 1775 !" :biggrin:

    As for the switch from the dark side (no need for quotation marks here): Good Man, maximum respect ! :approve:
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    Hello marcus. There are a few Brits around here, me included. The mentors cristo and Hootenanny are British. The forum however mainly populated by Americans.

    Hope you find the forums useful and congrats on the great GCSE results.
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    You refer to numbers, not quality, aren't you? :wink:
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    There is also a tiny belgian group. Very tiny indeed... Although I'm not sure if Belgium is a country or not. ;-)

    Anyway, welcome on PF.
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    Yup, plenty of Brits knocking around, don't be afraid of those American folk though, some of them may try and smack you with fish.. hey, I didn't say they weren't strange! :biggrin:
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    American dominated, that's funny. Yes, some biscuit eating British riff raff snuck in while we were sleeping and no matter what we do we can't seem to get rid of them. :tongue:

    Welcome to the forum, you will find the people here friendly and helpful.
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    Thanks all. Does anyone know if there are any people doing AS/A2 Physics or Maths here?
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    Yes there are a few users doing As and A2 courses but they tend to be casual users of the homework forums only. _Mayday_ is an exception. There will be a couple of others that I don't know of.
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    Hey Khlaar! I hope you like it here. :biggrin:
  12. Sep 8, 2008 #11
    viva la Belgique!

    ummm... Actually I'm one of the more confused cases. I'm from South Africa, but live in Vlaanderen (Flemish speaking part of Belgium) and have a British passport, 'cos my dad's a Brit.

    So... Tally ho and pip pip and all that and welcome to PF.
  13. Sep 8, 2008 #12
    Tally ho, thanks chap.

    First physics lesson today, lol, vectors/scalars, working out the magnitude and direction of forces, lots of fun of course :tongue:
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    Hello and welcome. I'm sure you will be able to make yourself right at home here. It looks like someone already mentioned fish. By the way, do you have a favorite fish?
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    Yeah - we have some those biscuit hooligans. :biggrin: I've heard they even dip their cookies in milk. :bugeye:

    Welcome to the forum, you will find the people here friendly and helpful, as Evo mentioned.
  16. Sep 8, 2008 #15
    Good to hear this, obviously you were lucky and the single English Literature lesson you took did not cause permanent damage to your brain :biggrin:
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