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    I am new to the forums. I have been, for lack of a better word, lurking these forums for about 2 months now and have decided to formally introduce myself. I have just graduated from high school and am starting my Bachelor of Science degree in September. My major is mathematics but I have an extreme interest and curiosity for how the universe works. As such I love physics especially the math that goes with it. I have also slowly been teaching myself some higher level mathematics with some guidance from my old teachers, books, and internet articles.

    Anyways, that about sums me up currently. This forum definitely seems like a fun place to talk with and exchange ideas with like minded people who share a natural curiosity for knowledge and all of that. Best wishes for everyone.
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    Welcome to the PF, Gamble. It is indeed a great place to learn and to help others to learn. :smile:
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    Welcome Gamble to PF! I am sure you will enjoy it here! :D Just out of curiousity, what is your favorite fish?
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    Well, I saw another thread where the new member was warned about this. :P I personally don't like fish. Never have.
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    Yes, but if you would have a certain fondness for a certain kind of fish. What would it be?
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    If I were to have a fondness for a certain type of fish I guess then it would have to be the White Sturgeon.
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    *slaps Gamble93 with a White Sturgeon*

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    Haha. Well thank you. I suppose I have now been initiated?
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    *Slaps Gamble93 with Sturgeon*

    Yes you have! Welcome to PF!

    Dang you micro! I clicked the "Physics" video link.... :(
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