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    hi, friends I am new to this forum, I,m share some Information.
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    Here is some information:


    it was first proven by Euler.
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    Welcome to PF, seologistic :)

    We also need some information from you! What's your favorite fish? :biggrin:
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    What's with the fish thing? I see it everywhere.

    And welcome seologistic! Have fun! :)
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    You haven't been inititaited? I thought we got you in chat?
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    Ooh, Greg's a sneaky one. Thinking he can escape our initiation like that :grumpy:

    So Greg, your favorite fish????
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    Nope, must have missed it.

    Well... while not a fish per se, I did like the Dolphin Ambassador :)

    But if Dolphin is not counted definitely the blobfish.

    [PLAIN]http://listverse.files.wordpress.com/2010/04/blobfish2.jpg [Broken]
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    * smacks GregJ with a blobfish *

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    ...oh dear...

    *runs off to prepare ice packs for GregJ*
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    so just how lucrative is search engine optimization?
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    LOL, you figured out what the OP's spamilicious occupation is.
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