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    So I'm an undergraduate (currently a freshman) at a university and am studying physics and have found that this site does help me some with homework on MasteringPhysics, my biggest issue not being that I don't know what I'm doing but rather that the site is of literally no help and really buggy. So I hope to put some solutions to the answers as well as seek help so that they may help others in my position in the future.
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    Welcome to PF!

    I didn't understand this part though:

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    MasteringPhysics is hard to actually do homework on and sometimes you will find yourself being right and trying to find what little thing you screwed up in your calculations for literally a few hours, which if you never find you get no credit at all for the question.
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    Okay I've seen that with an online Chemistry system that my son had to use. You needed to use the right version of the periodic table to get the atomic weights that were used to design the problem otherwise your answer would be right but be off by a couple of decimal digits.
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    Yeah, it's pretty frustrating, I've literally stayed up all night trying to get the right answer with the system telling me to simply check my calculations and it took me almost two days after recalculating a formula it wanted that it didn't accept degrees
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