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    I enjoy all areas of science. Occasionally I do not understand it. I found this site searching a Sci first word. Fun. Have a great year.
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    Welcome to PF!

    What are your interests?
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    Well, I used to work and raise kids and go to church and the theater. Now I paint and read and watch movies at home and pull weeds out of my garden. I read mostly fiction. Romance, Mystery and Science Fiction. Don't hold the later against me. I just like it. I read biographies for a while but unless the writer is good, the content doesn't matter. So I stopped the biographies. Sometimes I play with OTC stock. I have 6 retirement incomes, i just happen to like watching penny stocks. I'm down one for four but that one was great! It hooked me like gambling will. P.S. I like your Klaatu quote.
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