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    I am a new member. I am not a scientist. I am a middle aged lawyer with a layman's interest in science. My immediate motivation for joining this community is to get guidance on how to go about learning some of the basic math needed for self-study of physics. I never went beyond algebra/trig in high school. Obviously I need calculus, and many more advanced math topics after calculus, no doubt.

    I am an amateur radio operator. Though I have an interest in all areas of physics, it would be fair to say that the main impetus for undertaking self study of both math and physics is to better understand how my radio works. For those unfamiliar with amateur radio, it is a radio service governed by the FCC. One does need to pass a licensing test to be permitted to operate a station, but the tests tend to require nothing more than memorization of a very diluted version of the science involved. want to actually understand the physics and math behind radio.

    Beyond that specific motivation, I am just generally interested in physics and would hope that, as I learn more math, my ability to study more physics would grow apace. Of course, as I said, I am middle aged with a full time career. I can only do any of this stuff as a "hobby." My school days are over.
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    Welcome to PF!
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