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    Hi guys

    I'm Aryo. A 22 year old guy from Tehran, Iran with a BSc in pure mathematics. I joined PF because I'm looking for like-minded people to share knowledge and communicate because I've decided not to continue an academic path any longer. I believe the academic system can be too much reliability at times. It sets you back in life when you're in the best years of your life. Plus, if you want to learn something, you should get your hands dirty and learn through problem solving, trial and error or thinking by yourself.

    I have decided to self-study theoretical physics from scratch. My math background, besides regular math courses, includes differential manifolds, real analysis, module theory, algebraic topology and some 3-manifolds theory. I don't want to be a top-notch theoretical physicist. I don't intend to be someone who comes up with a great theory like Einstein. I just want to be a run-of-the-mill person who knows some advanced physics and wants to learn more everyday only for the sake of it.
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    Welcome to the PF. :smile:
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