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Hi! My name is Kevin, and I'm a computer hardware / software engineer. I enjoy studying physics as a hobby, and lately I've been watching Leonard Susskind's Quantum Physics lectures on the Stanford Youtube channel. It's been super fun, I hope I stay dedicated to it, and I look forward to connecting with people here!

Wrichik Basu

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A warm welcome to PF :welcome:

In order to help you start, the following are the three main sections in PF. You should explore them well:

1. The main forums, that you see in the first page.

2. Insights Blog, available at the top row (header section). In short, they have been described as "wonder of the web". The blog contains articles that help in learning topics to a great extent.

3. The Videos, also available in the header section. The media gallery now has some great videos and lecture courses in almost every field in science, and they provide an audio-visual learning opportunity.

Enjoy your time here. :smile:

With regards,

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