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New MOND papers.

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    MOND (for modified Newtonian Dynamics) is a proposed alternative to the dark matter theory used to explain galatic dynamics that don't follow general relativity if only observed matter is taken into account. Jacob Bekenstein (whose recent paper is first listed here), in 2004, made a major breakthrough in the theory by proposing a more sophisticated version called TeVeS (for Tensor-Vector-Scalar) that reconciles general relativity and MOND. (Thanks to the MOND pages http://www.astro.umd.edu/~ssm/mond/litsub.html for collecting the scientific literature in the field).

    There has been a fair amount of publishing in the field recently, and here are a collection of recent papers on the topic:

    An alternative to the dark matter paradigm: relativistic MOND gravitation
    Tidal streams in a MOND potential: constraints from Sagittarius

    The End of the Dark Ages in MOND

    Using distant globular clusters as a test for gravitational theories

    A tensor-vector-scalar framework for modified dynamics and cosmic dark matter

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    I'm so glad to see someone keeping a watch out for new MOND papers and flagging them for us at PF. It needs to be done. This is a lively area!
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    astro-ph/0502312 A Dark Hydrogen Cloud in the Virgo Cluster.
    Not a MOND paper per se, but an important observational test.
    Does MOND pass or not?
    I'm not sure but I think so, because both the baryonic mass and the rotation rate are comparable to spirals which MOND is consistent with.
    If something like this were found with much less baryonic mass, it would refute MOND.

    Further comments: I hope the mass of this dark cloud will also be tested by weak lensing soon.
    Also, the failure to find totally dark halos via weak lensing is a "weakness" of the dark matter theory.
    Can anyone do a more precise MONDian analysis of this paper?
    Jim Graber
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    Thanks for those links ohwilleke. TeVeS is the most important treatise on MOND to date - at least in my mind. Giving it a theoretical foothold elevates it from a curiousity to a contender. Permit me to add one more to your list. It's a nice, non-technical overview.

    Dark Matter on Galactic Scales (or the Lack Thereof)
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