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New mouse in the mail!

  1. Nov 21, 2006 #1
    I just found this on my doorstep in a small cardboard box:


    So exciting! A working mouse at last! I've had two die on me this week, one had a damaged optical tracking thing, another one blew up without warning (a battery may have been in backwards).
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    Well, I hope you don't forget to feed this one. :grumpy:
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    I <3 my mouse. I bought it over the summer when my previous mouse began to die on me (it was time though... it was really old).

    Have fun with your new mouse
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    Get a real mouse.
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    cyrus :surprised

    Haha, my mouse has 11 buttons :bugeye:

    I love this one button which I programmed to go to my homepage.. My homepage is google, so whenever I need to look something up, BAM! Clicked! Then I have a play button, which is nice for listening to music. That along with a forward and back button, music track wise. I also have up and down buttons which act as the up and down keys on the keyboard... Oh, also a volume control, up down, left click, right click, and clicking on the scroller thing.

    I'm shocked that I actually use all of them!
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    Hmmm... mine has one button. Doesn't need any more. :tongue:
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    :rofl: I bet this guy had in his resume 'CAN WORD PROCESS' and got paid 100k for that!

    Also, why the hell do all these guys in these videos from the 50's have that 'voice'

    You know what I mean. They all sound like old time radio guys.

    I like his mic, either hes at NASA launch control, or hes in a boy band. Take your pick.
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