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New music!

  1. May 24, 2009 #1
    So, there is this new song out called Boom Boom Pow....Absolutely love it! My friends and I are completely addicted to it. Is anyone else a fan of that song??
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  3. May 24, 2009 #2
    It's not new. I think I have heard that song like a month ago.

    (At the moment, I am addicted to one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5VvvVxuKko&feature=channel_page" (particularly her voice). She sounds like a 4 yrs old girl.)
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    I know the song is not like brand new, but it's newer.

    She does have a good voice. I bet you have a crush on her too!
  5. May 24, 2009 #4
    Not my style really.
    I don't listen to new music much any more.
  6. May 24, 2009 #5
    If you mean this song:

    CBIS7Eco1IA[/youtube] We can no longer be friends. :yuck:
  7. May 24, 2009 #6
    :uhh: :cry:

    Oh no.....

    It's very addicting though... That version you have there, is kinda like really fast, but I so love the song. It was played at a wedding reception the other day, by request from my friends and I :biggrin:
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    Uhh, it's not the worst song out there, but after hearing it 6 times or so, it got a little old.

    I think the singer is pretty ugly (compared to what a lot of people say about her).
  10. May 24, 2009 #9
    DJ FlyBoy is on the loose!

    Maybe some Mr BT (feat. M. Doughty)...
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  12. May 25, 2009 #11
    Most new music is horrible (actually all of it is) trust me I know music. If you want to try some good music look at rolling stones list of greatest songs and artists, that’s a fairly accurate list (it doesn't take classical into account because classical is too different).
  13. May 25, 2009 #12
    Meh this song sounds good if you play it on a decent sound system. Its overplayed though.
    Cyrus that first song you posted.. man I hate songs like that. just annoy me.

    the second song was good though.

    You listen to Cosmic Gate... right now I love the Exploration of Space song.
    Daft Punk is good...
    An old song that i still love is Some More by Keith Sweat... I can't find it on youtube though hmph.
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    Wow... Do you actually DJ or want to? I can't imagine buying something like that just for summer fun.

    Agreed. I don't like a whole lot of electronic music. The edgier subgenres of Industrial are probably my favourite though I don't really know the scene.
  16. May 25, 2009 #15
    God, thats probably the most cliche, over played song. Daft Punk is all-right. But theres better stuff.
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  17. May 25, 2009 #16
    I just DJ at friends parties for the fun of it. Maybe I'll DJ at an actual club sometime. I don't know. I don't like DJing at my friends parties sometimes because people request songs (I'd never take a request at an actual club, and its a faux paw to do that). I want to play what I want to play and if you dont like it screw you. DJing requires having a flow from one song to the next for continuity. When some bozo asks you to play some song next it sounds horrible because all of a sudden the beat changes drastically from one song to the next.

    So, if anyone reading this ever goes to a club or bar. Please do not hassle the DJ to play your favorite song. Go listen to it in your car on the way home. The DJ isnt there to take your request like its hot 99.5 radio.
  18. May 25, 2009 #17
    Yeah whenever I go to a club it sounds to me as if it's all pre-thought out. All the songs are supposed to go into a certain sequence.

    And I had never heard Cosmic Gate before until like last month. LOL :D
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