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New Nation in Siberia!

  1. Jul 27, 2004 #1
    what if i were to conqure the minsicule amount of life in siberia and called it Alison's Wonderland? creat a new Nation. russia wouldn't miss it. they only use it to exile their criminals. with the tech we have, a confterable life is possible. i, being alison, would be called the isies. would you like to join my nation where eveyday is like a fairy tale?
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  3. Jul 28, 2004 #2
    I'd love to.
    But about the part that russia wouldn't mind...
    There kinda is a large amount of oil there ;)
    And we've all seen what's done for oil, or haven't we? :s

    I'd pick some other desolate place for that idea, but i don't think any country is going to "give" you a strech of land.
  4. Jul 28, 2004 #3
    no, they wouldn't give it to me. i'd conqure it. maybe i'd use a distraction to make them think my conquring their siberia is not top priority. how about a fraud along the lines of a new instilation of the u.s.s.r.
  5. Jul 29, 2004 #4

    Russia will wipe you out. However, if they fail, im sure that some country like china which is desperate for oil will decide to take siberia instead. However, if you did manage to keep the russians and chinese away, I might be tempted. How much land would you be willing to give me?
  6. Jul 31, 2004 #5
    i'll give you what eva you want becuase, so far, it's just you and me in Alison's Wonderland.
  7. Jul 31, 2004 #6
    Why Russia? Why not the thousands of uninhabitated islands that Canada has. I doubt Canada would even notice if I claimed one as my own and create my own country.
  8. Jul 31, 2004 #7

    Rasine, you may want to look at my thread "Why global warming is good for mankind", in the section "Earth" on this forum.

    If global warming continues as it does, Greenland will be a beautiful green land, with no ice and only lush forests and fields, full of mineral resources. You may want to consider building your colony over there.

    Siberia is not done though, because it is home to huge amounts of natural resources, going from metals to oil and timber. President Putin will come to torture you, in person.
  9. Jul 31, 2004 #8
    how about this....i creat a facade that would capture the attention of all the nations in the world. maybe the resurection of the cold war, but mind you i shall place the fear in peoples heads, nothing will actually go down. with their attention on such threats of the habbital earth as we know it, i will be free to find all of these sparsely populated and ignored lands and claim them for my own. once the facade dissapated, my power will be reveiled. it would be too great for anyone to take me down. of course i will not use my powere for evil. i am a child of God as well as eveyone else. i would impose a life style on the world's people modeled after say princess diana or mother terisa. what a thought, a woman finally having power.
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    have you ever seen the episode of ther show 'family guy' where Peter finds out his house isnt technicaly part of the United States, and he is his own country, thats a good episode.
    you should do that, declare your house, or better yet, an appartment, a seperate country and all the appartments above you are violating your air space. then slowly take other houses over to become you new territories.
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    You might want to consider buying an island. They are surprisingly affordable.
  12. Aug 1, 2004 #11
    Now this has suddenly become very tempting!

    You dont really need to restart the cold war. Just inflitrate the ranks of the hard core islamic terrorists and demand that they start commiting many more acts of terror. This would take their minds off us.
    Princess Diana was a nice lady who certainly knew how to use the media, but she is not comparable to mother theresa. I dont think that I would want everyone to be like mother theresa because they would have no one to look after.
  13. Aug 2, 2004 #12
    so...i need to round up an military, although with the facade goin down, i will not need to infoce my powers violently. i do need people who are willing to join me on my journy that are well educated in technology and politics. oh, also i need citizens. i will rule as God had intended for a peaceful earth.
  14. Aug 3, 2004 #13
    Hmm ok, a woman leader well sounds good.
    Although the things i know about woman leaders is that pretty much most of them were highly corrupt.

    I'd stick to mother terisa for the philosophy.
    Diana wasn't spotless either, this only tends to be forgotten.
  15. Aug 4, 2004 #14
    i cannot promis you perfection becuase the i would be claiming to be God. however, i am not swayed by others suductions to force me to do various deeds. when i know what i want, i am blind to all others. i do hold a strong beilef in God, thus i build my morals form Him, and if i defy them, i will be defying my Lord. No need to loose sleep over my faithfullnes to my quest, for i shall prevail.
  16. Aug 5, 2004 #15
    :uhh: Hmm ok, i'd come to your paradise.

    Provided there are enough nice young girls around :biggrin: :surprise:
  17. Aug 8, 2004 #16
    no, you will not come, you shall be apart of it, for my nation will be a state of mind that happens to inhabbit desslout land.
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