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New objection to wormholes

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    "New" objection to wormholes


    I saw on this site:


    Has anyone else seen this objection? It's one I haven't seen before, thus the scare-quoted "new" in the title. Not sure if this is the right place to post or if it should be posted in the "beyond the standard model" section, but since the objection apparently isn't just in string theory, but in "modern gravity"...
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    Re: "New" objection to wormholes

    String theory has nothing specific to say about information loss.

    Preservation of information ("unitary evolution" from initial conditions) is basic to quantum theory.

    Information loss through a wormhole is not a concern, because the location of the "lost" information is perfectly clear (on the other side of the wormhole). The info is not lost.

    Information loss is concern, however, for black holes. They swallow the information, evaporate, and thereby vanish from the universe along with the info they ingested. This is the so-called "Black hole information problem".

    Bottom line: There is no "wormhole information problem".
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    Re: "New" objection to wormholes

    So then why the objection? As if it's based on real physics, one should be able to find a text book, paper, etc. somewhere that mentions it. But this suggests it isn't.
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