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New on here

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    Now I am new on here and therefore I thought that I wanted to drop a message in which I said Hello to all the people on here.

    I am not from the US in fact I am from Denmark a small country in Europe. I am basicly here for the math, as I like math and am pretty good at it. I am currently atteding to High School I am at my last year. I think that afterwards I will go study math at the University. However I do not know that for sure yet. I am looking forward to spend some time on here increasing my knowledge on math and improving my math abilities.
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    Welcome I'm studying senior high school(college in the UK) type maths atm, and it's a far cry from the English, school math, it's fun most times, but integration has slipped a real wedge into the equation(if you'll pardon the pun), it's very tough to know what rule you have to use and what little trick and strategy, but I've been told it's the toughest part of A' level maths so I'm resolving to give it some real attention, as I seem to have lost some headway, damn I was cruising 'til then. Why can't integration be more like differentiation :smile:
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    Welcome to PF! Math is awesome :biggrin:
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    Welcome from one foreign n00b to another!
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    Check out Maple. It is a math software package that has some excellent calculus (among other things) tutors.

    Once you have http://www.maplesoft.com/products/maple/student/index.aspx" [Broken] open goto:
    Tools > Calculus - Single Variable > Integration Methods

    The integration methods will walk you step by step to solve "simple" integrals. It will remind you of differentiation methods in some regards. I found it really helpful when I was learning integration.
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    Sup lo2? There are some friggen geniuses on this forum. Just remember to demand answers from them, and NEVER show your work. :approve:

    I hope sarcasm as recognized in Denmark :smile: I've never been to that part of Europe :frown:

    Oh and by the way... you might be here for the math, but just wait until you get caught up in all the general discussions. For example, saying hello to random people. I swear, PF is taking over MySpace for me :)
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    Well I do not see myself as a math genius, but well I am probaly one of the best in my class.
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    Thanks I will download it this evening, I have someone at work who has a PhD in physics to help too, but as you can probably imagine it's not easy finding a time to run through homework when your meant to be working :smile:

    We're all geniuses here lo2 didn't you know :wink: :biggrin:
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    same here even if i am underating myself.

    im a maths genius and im not in the us, whats the need. i am also good at being silly
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    Hey lo2, I saw your thread at RedHotPawn (assuming you two are the same person). We should play a game of chess sometime. I am somewhat of a beginner as well, I started studying chess 2 months ago, and have been playing for a little over a month. My name at redhotpawn is james47
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    WElcome to the PF!:smile:
    Hope to see you again...
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    Some coincidence huh?

    Sounds nice I would like to play some chess too.
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    Hey lo2.

    At PF, you will find a lot of people who are really intelligent and are (more than less) willing to help you in your pursuits. There are some PF'ers who you will become very familiar with. Also, there are many PF'ers who just like to graze over the forums and feast on all of the knowledge available. I would recommend searching the archives to find posts that have already been discussed that you think you could really benefit from.

    Have fun here. We at PF are a nice crowd.

    Paden Roder
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