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Featured New Organ (mesentery) found -- Congrats!

  1. Jan 9, 2017 #21
    Where have you heard that? I have heard it from yogi/alt-medicine types. Let's not discuss them (it violates TOS) but if you have heard any claims from credible sources of this sort I'd be interested in knowing.

    -Dave K
  2. Jan 10, 2017 #22
    I'm on the same page.

    Full disclaimer - I do go to a chiro. He suggested Myer's book "Anatomy Trains" as one he says "gets it right". And I am a yoga fiend (based on advice from my real spine doctor). But I am skeptical. I would like to know why the practice of Yoga seems to provide benefits - but it's gotta be science. I can't stand the new age crap that goes with it. Breathing and meditation are as gooey as my belief system gets.

    That said I did find this article which gives a nice summary of the debate and has some references. I know this goes off topic but since you are the OP. I haven't looked at the references.

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    Yeah, we could easily get out of scope for Physics Forums , but it looks like our thinking is more or less identical here. (I do yoga and mindfulness meditation and all that).

    -Dave K
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