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New paper Requardt

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    Screening arXiv i found this really interesting paper by Requardt. altough i don't undestand it completely. i think his idea of emergent relativity and quantum mechanics is really good. It is also what my landsman Gerard 't Hooft proposes.

    Greetings John.

    Wormhole Spaces: the Common Cause for the Black Hole Entropy-Area Law,the Holographic Principle and Quantum Entanglement
    Authors: Manfred Requardt
    (Submitted on 21 Oct 2009)
    Abstract: We present strong arguments that the deep structure of the quantum vacuum contains a web of microscopic wormholes or short-cuts. We develop the concept of wormhole spaces and show that this web of wormholes generate a peculiar array of long-range correlations in the patterns of vacuum fluctuations on the Planck scale. We conclude that this translocal structure represents the common cause for both the BH-entropy-area law, the more general holographic principle and the entanglement phenomena in quantum theory. In so far our approach exhibits a common structure which underlies both gravity and quantum theory on a microscopic scale. A central place in our analysis is occupied by a quantitative derivation of the distribution laws of microscopic wormholes in the quantum vacuum. This makes it possible to address a number of open questions and controversial topics in the field of quantum gravity.
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    Newton said an apple fell down because of gravity. In my garden all apples are subjected to gravity but only worm-eaten and rotten fall down. I think Requardt's theory corresponds better to reality.
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