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New Paradigm

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    I am an architect, artist, inventor and educator. My work deals with transforming Non-Euclidean geometric concepts, invent and patenting new three dimensional polyhedra. I am developing concepts dealing with "Logic structures" intuitive and visual mathematics, hence geometry, that allows me to model distribution systems to create a qualitative matrix of nautral expressions used in architecture, art and design science solutions. Richard Buckminster Fuller (of Fullerines recognition) and the contributors to the field of Non-Euclidean geometry are my inspiration. I am interesting in 'new frameworks' that can begin to synthesize mathematics, science and art seen as principles disciplines that can help us understand consciousness and the threefold nature of creativity can help express new aesthetic identities, systems of form and energies for the built environment.To corroborate concepts and ideas to realize goals can be achieved through collaboration. Thank you! Herb Bennett
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    No idea what you're talking about, but welcome. Please be sure to read our rules before you post!
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