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New posts?

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    Is it now so that when a new thread is posted into a specific forum eg "classical physics then it stays in that forum only and does not appear in "new posts"? I ask this because I started a thread in the quantum physics forum and it hasn't appeared in new posts.
    If this is a new part of the system I don't particularly like it because I liked to scan through every new post and it was easy to do that. Not so easy now.
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    But if you started the thread, it is NOT a new post to you, only to others. If someone responds then that would be a new post and should show up. I think that's how it works now. I haven't really been paying attention to it. That IS how it works on some forums I'm on.
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    Yes that is how it works. :)
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    Dadface, why do you just keep quoting what others have said with no response to it? I mean, I just don't get the point.
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    It may be a problem with the way he is trying to reply. I deleted a post of Dadface's out of another thread when I saw it was only a quote, and now see it happening several times in this thread. I'll start a conversations with him...
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