New Promotion

  1. Greg Bernhardt

    Staff: Admin

    New Promotion!!

    Congrats to Astronuc!! He is the latest to join the PF Team! No one can disbute the dedication Astronuc has displayed over the past couple years. Astronuc will be helping us organize the Science Advisors and help revamp the IR Forum.


    With the addition comes unfortunately a subtraction as well. Tom Mattson due to our inability to contact him for several months has been retired from the team. Those who are relatively new, should realize Physics Forums as we know it today, owes a huge dept of gratitude to Tom. Physics Forums was in a fair mess before he came on board in 2003. Tom set the stage for the initiative towards organized quality discussion. Hopefully Tom returns some day, nonetheless he will remain a PF legend!
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  3. ZapperZ

    ZapperZ 30,744
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    It's about time too that we have a new Mentor. Pervect and jtbell have been whining way too much about doing the Mentor bathroom duties for too long. Now they have someone to pass it on! :)

    Welcome aboard, Astronuc.

  4. Math Is Hard

    Math Is Hard 4,635
    Staff Emeritus
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    Congratulations, Astronuc!!
  5. cristo

    cristo 8,387
    Staff Emeritus
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    Congrats, Astronuc on a well earned promotion!
  6. FredGarvin

    FredGarvin 5,084
    Science Advisor

    That's great news. It is a well deserved promotion.
  7. Astronuc

    Staff: Mentor

    Thank you, guys!

    I'm looking forward to working the SA's and other staff at PF.

    I just got to watch where I click now. :uhh:

    I'll try to reach Tom. He's just up the river from me.
  8. ranger

    ranger 1,663
    Gold Member

    Congrats Astrodude!
  9. turbo

    turbo 7,063
    Gold Member

    Ray, Rasro!!!!
  10. Ivan Seeking

    Ivan Seeking 12,122
    Staff Emeritus
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    Congratulations Astronuc! You look great in green and it has certainly been earned.
  11. Pyrrhus

    Pyrrhus 2,204
    Homework Helper

    Congrats Astronuc!!!!, and i hope Tom comes back, too.
  12. Astronuc

    Staff: Mentor


    Meanwhile, I'll try to track down Tom.
  14. You definitely deserve it, man! Great work.
  15. Kurdt

    Kurdt 4,851
    Staff Emeritus
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    Well done Astronuc! A fantastic choice for PF mentor.
  16. Wow, that's great news!! Hearty congrats to Astronuc! :smile: :approve:
  17. D H

    Staff: Mentor

    Congrats, Astronuc! Job well done. And a hearty congrats to the PF elite on making an excellent choice.
  18. Hootenanny

    Hootenanny 9,676
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    Congratulations Astro, well deserved indeed!
  19. Danger

    Danger 9,663
    Gold Member

    Good on ya, mate. Long overdue. Of course, now you'll be busier than ever. No rest for the wicked. (That's not to imply that I think of you as a candle... :uhh:)
  20. Moonbear

    Moonbear 11,955
    Staff Emeritus
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    Congrats Astronuc!! Now, no adding hot peppers to the coffee!

    Here's your key to the cleaning closet and the mentor's private bathroom. :biggrin:
  21. Astronuc

    Staff: Mentor

    moe-d, z-comp, Kurdt, Reshma, D H, Hoot, and my mate Danger,

    thanks for the kind words and encouragement.

    Yeah. It's actually interesting getting used the other Mentors in red and blue doppler shift as they go back and forth. You only see the green in passing. :biggrin:
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