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Homework Help: New proof to bac-cab rule

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    I've looked up on the solutions to bac-cab rule on the internet but they where all the same Computational, idea free ways.
    I wonder if any one knows any better way.
    I'd be very thankful for any ideas.
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    What is the "bac-cab" rule?
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    Have you ever tried to come to a proof using the Levi-civita function??
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    good point

    I have but I can't understand it completely. There are some parts that i haven't seen during my studies.
    the parts I mentioned previously are: are Einstein summation convention and Levi-Civita and ... which means I know nothing of that proof's tools.
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    wikipedia shows two different methods, which are not just the standard computation: use of geometric algebra and use of tensor calculus, which has been mentioned already. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triple_product#Vector_triple_product
    Use of geometric algebra is probably the most elegant, but most abstract. The tensor calculus method is still pretty elegant, compared to the standard computation method.

    edit: p.s. you can ignore the stuff about the scalar triple product on that page.
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