New: Quantum teleportation

Would it be possible to force an electron and a positron to meat each other and annihilate, then the gamma beam created is to be directed some distance away and passed next to an atom for pair production to occur. ( I dismissed complications related to the vacuums and the magnetic fields).
So according to this system we have teleportated an electron positron pair?


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Quantum teleportation turns a classical channel into a quantum channel by consuming previously shared bell pairs. It lets you move qubits/spins/whatever via indirect means. See this video.

Your situation doesn't count as quantum teleportation because the resulting pair is not caused to be in the same state as the input pair (e.g. matching spins). If you managed to work around this and somehow encode those states into the photon, then the photon is a quantum channel (instead of a classical channel) and the process again would not match what people are talking about when they say "quantum teleportation".
Ok, would it then be categorised as just teleportation since its definition is: " the transfer of matter or energy from one point to another without traversing the physical space between them."?
And would it even be possible? I said the gamma rays produced must be 'directed'; since gamma rays dont refract or reflect how would it be directed? Does it have to split to smaller energies (lower frequencies) so it can undergo total internal reflection in an optical fibre?

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